8th Grade Reminders

We will be having an important 8th Grade parent meeting on Thursday, September 22 at 7:00 PM at the school.  We will be discussing the retreat, promotion, and community service.  I also plan on sending the 8th grade community service packets home this week.


Missions Fest Seattle 2015

On Friday, we had a great day at Missions Fest Seattle 2015.   I had a chance to hear about several of the workshops that the students attended.   It was such a blessing to hear them talk excitedly about the things they learned in their workshops.   We will be doing a project in which each student will be required to do an oral presentation to the class about one of their workshops.   I have posted the requirements for this project under the “Assignments” Tab.

New World Colonization Game

American History Class has begun a New World colonization simulation.   The class has been divided into five teams: the French, British, Spanish, Iroquois, and Huron.   Each team is attempting to gather the most points through acquiring land and resources.  The simulation will teach students about diplomacy, trade, and military tactics as well as letting them understand better how and why events happened the way they did during the early colonization period of North America.