New World Colonization Game

American History Class has begun a New World colonization simulation.   The class has been divided into five teams: the French, British, Spanish, Iroquois, and Huron.   Each team is attempting to gather the most points through acquiring land and resources.  The simulation will teach students about diplomacy, trade, and military tactics as well as letting them understand better how and why events happened the way they did during the early colonization period of North America.


2 thoughts on “New World Colonization Game

  1. Hello.

    I have looked over the lesson plan for the New World Colonization Game, and I have a question. If the goal is for each team to acquire more land and resources, then how are the students to learn anything about Native Americans and the effects colonization had on them when those same Native Americans had no concept of land ownership?

    Thank you.

    John Simpson

  2. Great Question, I have sent an email detailing my thoughts on this.

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